American Council of the Blind

Western New York Chapter

The following members were present: Patrick and Linda Olson, Richard and Karlene Fiorello, Anita Williams, Ian Foley, John Spencer, Paul Jerge, Karen Blachowicz, Alex Meister, and Karen Palau at our meeting which began at 6:10 PM.

Karen welcomed us. Secretary’s minutes were read. The treasurer’s report was given. Our treasury has $285.35 in the paypal account, $1,151.07 in the scholarship account, and $5,544.94 in the checking account. The checking account spent $900.00 for state convention expenses for Karen Blachowicz, Ian Foley, and Richard Fiorello. The reports were both accepted as given.

Fund raiser: Wednesday September 13. We have 12 baskets. There will also be a 50-50 raffle. Alex will help with selling tickets for the baskets and the raffle. The menu for Helium is on line and Ian will email it to the ACBWNY list. There were 25 tickets sold with $325 received by the treasurer as of this evening.
Ian gave a legislative report. State legislature has been on recess.

Pedestrian safety: The service dog walk was briefly discussed. Karen Palau, Richard, John Spencer, and Karen Blachowicz will attend this event on September 16. On September 15th there will be a presentation of a model of the round-about at the Tonawanda Town Hall at 1:30. NFB and ACB will be at that meeting. Linda and Patrick went to see the round-about which is considered to be a mini round-about.

We talked a little about the upcoming convention in Utica. Karen, Kathy, Ian, Richard, Karlene, and Linda are going to attend.

Karen talked about our board meeting. She mentioned that the board recommends that Ian represent the chapter in Washington for the national Office legislative convention. A vote was taken and that recommendation was accepted by the membership.

Our meeting adjourned at 6:57 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Karlene Fiorello