American Council of the Blind

Western New York Chapter

August 14, 2020

We had our meeting at the home of Karen Blachowicz and the following members were present: Anita Williams, Kathy Lyons, Marie Lyons, Richard and Karlene Fiorello, John Spencer, Paul Jerge, Ian Foley, Karen Blachowicz, Ken Cooper, and Kelly Blachowicz. Arnold Hudson, Marie’s and Kathy’s driver visited with us. Alex Meister was on the telephone.
Our meeting opened at 6:01 PM.

The minutes were accepted as emailed.

Alex gave a treasurer’s report: pay pal is $273.35, scholarship account is $1,154.37, checking account is $1,847.65. The bank fees may be avoided if we use online statements. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to use online statements. Alex will get that started before September 1. The treasurer’s report was accepted.

Committee reports: The state convention will be Friday and Saturday virtually. There will be a diversity training program; Saturday afternoon will be dedicated to the 50 year celebration. There will be no registration fee and anyone can listen in. We have a contract to look through for next year year’s convention. We will put in a bid to the state for Buffalo holding next year’s convention. The hotel will keep our deposit toward next year. Fund raising: Yankee Candle will not be doing fundraising. Creative Sales in Dunkirk will be sending us information for other products they handle. Legislation: Voting by on line absentee had a hearing August 13. The judge did not rule but advised the parties to discuss the matter or he will rule. Publicity: Marie wrote an article for the state newsletter. Kathy says 518:906:1820 is the telephone number for ACB radio. After calling that number one can get involved with various events. The zoom numbers can be sent through an email from ACB. Karen suggested that we have a zoom call to invite other blind people to become familiar with whr chapter.

Perhaps we could do this with Rochester. Just food for thought. Ian will send out a link to the chapter Facebook page.
Old business: Ian has been in touch with the attorney who was willing to help us with our exempt status. Donna Doncer is the accountant Karen has been talking with. As long as we are affiliated with the state we do qualify under their 501C3 status. If the individual chapter is not a Corp everything financial has !be done through the state. Thus, we do not need to get 501C3.

Constitution vote took place and the constitution vote passed.

New business: Niagara Frontier Radio Reading Service can be accessed through podcasts, alexa, computer and various sources.

Karen has been asked to serve as RSVA president. Will we support her if she does that along with being the state presidency.

Our meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Karlene Fiorello Secretary